These are renowned Jewelers of Hong Kong, known the world over for their distinctive and unique approach to this ancient artform. Their artistic level is rarely surpassed, and their innovations are acclaimed as revolutions in this esoteric field. M&B produce some of the most valuable jewelry anywhere on the planet, and their work with diamonds is legendary, particularly with the green stone diamond.

The Temple of Taste

The M&B Showroom is strategically located in the posh and fashionable Central Hong Kong. So exclusive are its Clientele, and so valuable is the display, that visits to the showroom are by prior appointment only. New Customers need proper introduction, and must be sponsored, preferably by existing Clientele.

Green Eyed

Among the rarest of all diamond colors are the fancy olive-green diamonds on offer from the exclusive palette of this Giant among Jewelers. The offerings from M&B are amongst the best in this esoteric arena, and are crafted exquisitely to meet the highest standards of the Customers. They have a specialist catalogue highlighting ornaments made with the hypnotically colored green stone diamond, which range from:

  • Flower Stud Bridal Earrings.
  • Willow Diamond Earrings.
  • Radiant-Cut Fancy Intense Yellowish-Green Diamond at 2.13 Carat.
  • Cushion-Cut Fancy Intense Green Multi-Shape Diamond Jewelry at 1.01 Carat.


The advent of the Internet has proved to be an absolute winner with buyers all over who have studied the wonderful pieces of Green Diamond jewelry offered by this famous Jeweler, or have seen Social Lionesses wear them to Weddings and Parties on TV.